Spring Retreat

Hosted by Niamh & Liam Colfer from the Hook in Wexford and Kate Finn from West Cork

Come join us in sunshine this Spring at Suryalila

Come along for a week of magic at Suryalila Retreat Center in Andalusia, Spain.

This retreat is all about renewal, self care and emergence filling you with lightness, vitality and inner peace. It’s about finding space to explore and match your energy to your goals allowing you to expand into your potential creating life balance moving into Spring. Expect deep yoga flows, breath work, plus yin yoga and relaxation.

From April 15th 2023.

Choose a 5 or 7 night retreat

The Om Dome ready for practise
The salt water pool
The natural paths lead to yoga shalas and massage units
The orange courtyard where many of the beautiful rooms are located for you to stay in


What we love about Suryalila is that there’s always an energy of sunshine (“surya” means sun) and play (“lila” means play).

The buildings are beautifully renovated farm houses laid out in typical Spanish style with lemon and orange tree courtyards.


Join us for this playful week in the sun at the most beautiful retreat centers in the world. We practice in state of the art yoga halls, including the incredible Om Dome and the Moon Shala.

Rejuvenate yourself with a week of yoga, meditation and healing at the beautiful Suryalila Retreat Centre in Spain nestled in the foothills of Andalucía, Spain will leave you feeling inspired, relaxed and renewed.

Enter the Om Dome
Beautiful views in all directions
Sunset over the mountains

Book Now

Whether you’re coming alone or with a friend you’ll receive a warm welcome. The property has 50 acres of land for you to wander with 800 olive trees and animals to say hello to.

When? April 15th to the 20th or the 22nd

Book and pay deposit now to secure your place

Flights and Transfers

You can fly into Seville (1hr from Suryalila) or to Malaga (90minutes from Suryalila) and we can arrange transfers for you. Tranfers can be arranged at an additional cost or shared with other guests coming to the retreat. We will keep everybody posted with flight arrangements and arrange transfers

Meet your hosts


Meet Niamh and Liam from Wexford and Kate Finn from West Cork; your hosts on this retreat.


Niamh is a full time personal trainer and experienced RYT-500 yoga teacher. Niamh teaches Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga & Restorative yoga as well as mixed movement workshops, strength training and yoga masterclasses. She continues to study and train with some of the Worlds best experts in the field of body work. With a passion for movement and spirituality, Niamh integrates elements of deeper body work and myofacial release techniques along with Celtic mythology, Ayurveda and Eastern philosophy into her yoga classes combining creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness and a dose of inspiration to help you deepen your yoga and movement practice.


Liam is a yoga alliance international certified breath coach, Gravity Yoga Instructor and an advanced oxygen advantage breath-work coach. Liam has been studying yoga breathing practices for many years, he is passionate about breath-work and is always delving deeper into the history and science of breathing. He has studied breath work with renowned experts Wim Hof and Patrick McKeown. Liam teaches breathwork and mobility classes as well as strength classes which incorporate breath holds and breathing techniques to not only train your muscles but also altering the chemistry in your body using your breath allowing you to recover quicker and improve indurance as strength.


Kate is an experienced RYT-500 teacher and yin yoga teacher trainer since 2015, consistently teaching studio classes, workshops, private sessions, online zoom, yoga for schools and retreats. She has a true love for Vedanta – the science of consciousness, teachings of non-duality -under the tutelage of James Swartz. She is a gifted yoga teacher, her style incorporates many different elements of yoga and her classes are soothing, educational and you just can’t help but go deep within. She is renowned for her knowledge of yoga philosophy and her subtle body studies combine for a yoga experience not to be missed.



Deluxe Suite Solo€1,695
Deluxe Suite Shared€1,440pp
Deluxe Double Solo€1,495
Deluxe Double Shared€1,320pp
Superior Double Solo€1,395
Superior Double or Twin Shared€1,190pp
Eco Casa Double Solo€1,260
Eco Casa Double or Twin Shared€990pp
Yurt Shared€920pp
Mini Dorm 5 night option (4 sharing)€760pp

The Schedule

Saturday 15th April – Welcome

Sunday 16th April – Muladhara = Root Chakra “Mula” means “root” and “adhara” means “base or support”

Monday 17th April – Svadhisthana = Sacral Chakra Svadhishthana means “one’s own abode”

Tuesday 18th April – Manipura = Solar Plexus Chakra Manipura translates as the “city of jewels” 

Wednesday 19th April – Anahata = Heart Chakra Anahata means “unhurt, unstruck, unbeaten, pure or clean”

Thursday 20th April – Vishuddha = Throat Chakra Vishuddha means “especially pure”

Friday 21st April – Ajna = Third Eye Chakra Ajna means “perceive,” “authority” or “command”

Saturday 22nd April – Sahasrara = Crown Chakra Sahasrara means “thousand-petaled”

The full schedule


Saturday 15th April – Welcome. Arrival Day, Settling into the flow and getting to know you

5.30pm Unravel from your travel practice in the dome with

7pm Dinner

8pm Welcome meeting and introduction to the retreat with Kate and Niamh


Sunday 16th April – Connecting to your roots and working from the ground up

8am A grounding feel at home in your body yoga practice connecting to the Earth element within

9:30am Breakfast

11am A guided walking meditation exploring the grounds of Suryalila

1.30pm Lunch

3pm A tour of the permaculture project with Emilio and plant your own tree

5pm Yin Yoga

7pm Dinner


Monday 17th April – Entering into the watery realm and working with the new moon in Pisces

8am A vinyasa flow full of hip opening postures

9.30am Breakfast

Free Time

1.30pm Lunch

3pm Hike from El Bosque to Benamahoma stopping along the way for a guided breathing practise with Liam and an optional dip in the river

5.30pm Restorative Yoga with a Suryalila teacher

7pm Dinner

8pm New Moon meditation and ritual in the moon shala


Tuesday 18th April – Unlocking fluid vitality to step into your power and potential

8am Kundalini Yoga

11:30am Strength and Mobility Class

1.30pm Lunch

Free Time

5.00pm Myo Yin Yoga

7pm Dinner

8pm Sauna and Pool night


Wednesday 19th April – Into the sails of the lungs and the ocean of the heart using the breath to guide your way

8am A heart focused vinyasa class

11am Breathwork with Liam followed by a cold swim in the salt water pool

1.30pm Lunch

Free Time or head off on a trip to the mountain top town of Ronda to explore

5.30pm Restorative Class with Suryalila teacher

7pm Dinner

8pm Movie Night, snuggle up in the Ganesha hall to watch a heart warming movie


Thursday 20th April – Softening the throat, find and listen for your voice where prana and sound unite

8am Vinyasa Flow Yoga

9:30am Breakfast

11am Chanting Workshop with Kate

1.30pm Lunch

3pm Free Time or join us for a hike to the Irish pub in the local village Prado del Rey for a pint and live music

7pm Dinner


Friday 21st April – Assimilating the weeks practices and absorbing the mind in the heart to reach sattva

8am An introspective embodiment slow flow vinyasa practise

11am Crafting Circle

1.30pm Lunch

5.30pm Restorative Class with Suryalila teacher

7pm Dinner

8pm Yoga Nidra in the moon shala

Sahasrara Saturday 22nd April – Check out day, join us for one more blissful and celebratory morning class before breakfast

8am Let’s have fun with Vinyasa Flow

9:30am Breakfast

11am Dip in the pool

Departures throughout the morning

Retreat T&C’s

Payment and Cancellation Terms
€300 deposit is required upon booking to confirm your place on the retreat. 50% of the balance is due by November 30th and the remaining 50% of balance is due by January 31st which you can pay in two installments if you wish.
Booking deposit is non refundable
All payments thereafter are fully refundable up to 2 months prior checking in date
50% up to 1 month prior checking in date
25% thereafter and non refundable up to two weeks prior checking in date

Travel and Travel Insurance
Travel and travel insurance is not included in the retreat cost and it is your responsibility to ensure you have adequate travel and coverage arranged.

Prices include: accommodation, three meals per day, yoga classes and the use of all facilities.

Travelling solo: Come alone or with a friend you’ll receive a warm welcome. For guests wishing to share, we will match people with room-mates where possible.

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