Health & Fitness

Health and fitness is so important to us and we are always learning, evolving and improving our approach to health and fitness. For the past few years we both spent alot of time in the gym, competed in crossfit competitions, Liam did triathlons & I competed in weightlifting and in Irelands strongest woman competition. I loved doing it but training for it was so time consuming. You get to a stage where you have to prioritise the important things so now we much prefer to do less in the gym and more time spent doing sea swims, hikes, yoga and having more quality time doing these things with the kids. These activities are much more suitable for us on our road trip anyway and Ellen and Alex can take part too.

Liam does meditation and Wim Hoff method breathing, we really hope to visit some Wim Hoff centres and groups along the way on our travels. He has been doing the online classes and courses for the last three years and has taught numerous breathing and ice bath workshops at Suryalila Yoga Retreat Center in southern Spain.

I have been doing yoga for the past six years & and this year I did my 200hr teacher training at Suryalila Yoga Center after which we stayed on for a further three months so I could teach daily yoga classes in some of the most magnificent yoga spaces in Europe. I teach Vinyasa Flow, Yin & Restorative yoga.


We have been eating a plant based diet since the start of 2017 for many reasons, mainly for health, environmental and animal welfare. My family is mostly vegan and that helped a lot.  My sister does the most delicious and easy vegan recipes and I’ve a notebook full of her recipes. We also love the Happy Pear and Bosh recipes. This diet is a huge benefit to us on the road as we spend less money on our shopping and don’t have to worry about “keeping” meat or dairy in our dodgy camper fridge. Actually we don’t have to worry about constantly looking for camping sites that allow us to plug in to keep the fridge on so free camping and wild camping is available to us all the time.


Crochet lace is my thing, I’m a qualified instructor of Irish crochet, crochet crafter & designer and I have a shop on Etsy where I sell my work and patterns. Crochet has been a huge part of my family history for generations. My grandmother Eileen, a noted needle worker taught me to crochet from the age of seven and I’ve truly been “hooked” since. I now crochet freestyle and create my own patterns, mostly fine crochet jewellery, tops, formal bags, purses, lace gloves, headpieces and other accessories. I have plenty of time do make crochet on the road so have a browse through my shop and get in touch if you see anything you like. Custom orders welcome too