Homeschooling resources

We have put together some of the resources that we use for home schooling while travelling on the road.


Kids travel journals, workbooks, sticker-books and brain-teasers by Lonely Planet are absolutely brilliant and you get 20% off your order when you sign up to the Lonely Planet newsletter. Sometimes they have great offers like buy one get one free so it’s definitely worth signing up to be informed of special offers. We would buy every thing in the shop but so far the most used books by our two are the orange “My Travel Journal” used by Alex who is 6, it’s perfect for his age up to age 8 as it has lots of pages to draw and colour, “Boredom Buster” for creative game ideas for all ages. The “Kids Travel Journal” is Ellens journal, it’s for older kids aged 8-12 with lots of pages to write in with learning activities to keep them interested.


In our opinion, Usborne make the best books for learning and are a fantastic resource for us as a homeschooling family. They are fun, educational, interesting and every book is produced ethically “Never get Bored Book”, “Questions and Answers about your Body”, a sticker book for every theme you can think of, lift the flap books, quiz books, creativity workbooks. There are just so many, it’s impossible to buy or store them all so we make use of the library when we can and go straight for the Usborne section for all the learning and we will buy our favourite ones online direct from Usborne.

We love Carol Vorderman’s series of activity books, found on Amazon. She has books for parents to help with teaching their children as well as loads of workbooks for kids of all ages. The main categories for childrens learning are “English made Easy”, “How to be good at Maths”, “Problem Solving”, “Handwriting”, languages and so much more.

Some of our favourite online resources are:

We love Jane Goodall and we follow her online through The Jane Goodall Institute and through her Roots and Shoots campaign for kids inspires them to learn about and take action on world issues as well as teaching about conservation and the importance of recycling.
National Geographic Kids is another resource that we use all the time. The website is fantastic and interractive full of cool games, videos, quizes and loads of interesting pages about science, space and all the amazing animals of the world. Their books are diverse and interesting too, we use the encyclopedias, atlases, science, animal and nature books and we always go to the National Geographic toy store for gift ideas for birthdays and Christmas
Khan Academy is a free resource for kids to learn maths, literacy, science, arts and more for children of pre school age right up to the end of school.
We like to do a Duolingo from time to time to learn the basics of languages when we’re in new countries. This app is free, fast and fun to do.
The Who Was Show on Netflix was a big hit with our kids, they loved it. It is a history show to teach children all about some incredible people in history from Joan of Arc, Albert Einstein, Ghandi, Shakespeare, Bruce Lee, Tutankhamen, Julius Caesar, Frida Kahlo, Marie Curie, Harry Houdini, Galileo, Marie Antoinette, Amelia Earhart, Isaac Newton, Pablo Picasso, The Wright Brothers and lots more.
Another of our kids favourite shows on Netflix is Brainchild to explain science from germs and emotions to social media and more.