About Us

Welcome to our blog.

Livin’ off the Hook in every sense is our goal; Liam, our kids, our dog & I are not just livin’ off the Hook peninsula where we’re from in Co.Wexford, Ireland & we’re also livin’ an alternative lifestyle, living in a van, travelling, vegan, road-schooling the kids along the way.

We’ve been looking for a new adventure & to do it with our two kids. We’ve left our jobs, sold up most of our belongings & bought a 6 berth camper van which we have been living in since June 2018 while we rent out our house & we are making our way slowly around Europe on a budget.

The Hook where we are from is a gorgeous rural part of Ireland where Liam worked at the oldest working lighthouse in the world Hook lighthouse and was also the caretaker of another nearby lighthouse. He does Wim Hof method, meditation & goes swimming in the sea almost every day of the year. I am a personal trainer and yoga teacher and worked from our home gym and I have a shop on Etsy where I make and sell crochet lace accessories. I continue to make crochet lace accessories and clothing on the road while teaching yoga and Liam teaches breath work and cold exposure at various places across Europe.

We have been living in our campervan since June 2018 and life is great. We spent last summer touring around Ireland and our year away began last August when we took the ferry from Ireland to Brittany which we loved and would go back to, then down the west coast of France nipping in and out of various towns and cities along the way including Bordeaux and Cognac, then we headed on down towards French Basque country north of the Alps and on into Basque country which was some of the most incredible coastline we have ever seen. From there we drove across the north coast of Spain, the Jurassic and prehistoric coast all the way across to the north western tip of Spain called Galicia. There we were hit by a pretty scary storm and in one day drove all the way into Portugal. The weather was getting a bit wintery by now and we made a beeline down the west coast of Portugal into the Algarve whre we were back in the sunshine and spent a lovely few months there exploring all the Algarve has to offer. Just before Christmas we crossed over into Spain and explored the south coast  where picked up my sister and nephew. We explored the town of la Herradura which has been on our bucket list since we decided to homeschool as it has one of the biggest and most welcoming worldschooling groups in Europe where homeschoolers from all over the world go to meet up and take part in lots of activities and courses there. From here we drove back towards Tarifa on the straits of Gibralter, the most southtern tip of Spain where we looked across to Morocco and Algeria. We were only 15km away from Morocco at that point and it was very tempting to get the ferry across but decided to leave it until another time. Next up was the amazing Suryalila Yoga Retreat centre in southern Spain where I studied and qualified as a Frog Lotus Yoga Teacher and where we stayed for four months while Liam was working on some eco builds there and I was put on the yoga schedule to teach some of the daily morning and evening classes with world class yoga teachers in one of the best yoga retreats in Europe and Liam taught breathing workshops and ice bath immersions. From Spain we headed back to Portugal in search of a new “base”. Portugal is so incredibly beautiful, friendly and cheap and central Portugal has so much to offer. We even searched for sites to buy where we could live and maybe start our own retreat centre. From Portugal we drove back up through central Spain and into France again, drove through central France, explored the Dordogne region and drove north into Belgium and onwards to Holland where Liam took part in Wim Hof workshops and where we caught up with some friends from home. After Holland it was time to drive back through Belgium into Normandy where we got the ferry back to Ireland in July 2019.

We are in Ireland preparing our campervan for its annual DOE roadworthiness test and will hit the road again at the end of August. Who knows where the road will take us next!

If anybody reading this has suggestions for must see places across Europe, yoga centres, meet-ups please get in touch.

email: livinoffthehook@gmail.com