Breathing, Music, Ice bath Experience

We are so excited to collaborate with our great friends Glenn Dunne and Michelle Berrange to co-create this experience. Come join us for an evening of pure magic under the bright full moon.

In this workshop, you’ll get your inner flow on with a gently flowing moon salutation yoga practice, letting go of any tensions and stresses in the body before taking a guided breath-work practice Liam acompanied by live music with Glenn and, of course….. the ice bath. We’ll finish the evening together with some hot drinks and light snacks

We can’t wait to take the plunge with you!

When? Friday July 23rd & Saturday July 24th from 6pm to 9pm
How much? This experience costs €45pp

Book here for Saturday

Restorative Yoga with Michelle

Come and join the beautiful Michelle Berrange for this very special full moon restorative workshop here at the Secret Garden which will leave you feeling light, relaxed and restored.

Relaxing is a necessity, not a privilege. Bringing the body to complete stillness allows the mind to rest and let go. When tensions and stress become prevalent in the body, reclining in relaxation and restorative asanas brings balance and health back to the individual. Conscious Rest moves the system towards peacefulness : deepening natural breath, slowing down the heart rate, reducing blood pressure issues, and relaxing all the muscles in the body.

Restorative asanas boost the immune system and encourage feelings of serenity and lightness throughout the body. This 2 hour workshop style class will explore various restorative and relaxation asanas using props for ease and comfort.

When: July 22nd 6:30pm – 8:30pm
How much? €25

Book Here

Yoga of the three gunas with Kate Finn E-RYT 500

Three energies or ‘gunas’, a sanskrit word that means ‘qualities’ and ‘ropes’. Life is an unbroken stream of daily situations dictated by our karma, and the three energies create states of mind with which we try to manage them. Did you ever wonder why you’re either; 1) tired or fuzzy-minded, lazy, depressed and confused 2) stressed, frustrated, disturbed, scattered, restless and unfocused, or 3) happy for no reason at all, blissful, still, focused, dynamic and creative?

This workshop will give you the answer and provide the means to match the energies to your goals. The practice will include a brief talk about the context and knowledge of the 3 Gunas. Then a warm up sequence to open the bodies and mind for creating clarity and vitality. Expect deep delicious flows, breath work, explorations in all planes of movement plus grounding down with yin yoga and relaxation at the end. This workshop is suitable for all levels of practitioners.

When? 6:30pm to 8:30pm on Thursday 19th August
How much? €25

Book Here

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