Private Classes

A private yoga class is tailored to suit your individual needs. Whether you are new to yoga and want a basic introduction, or a long-time practitioner who wants to develop a particular part of your practice; a one to one class can be a great way to accomplish your goals. A private yoga session will deepen your knowledge, fine-tune your form, fully test your abilities and enable you to explore new poses.

Niamh offers private yoga for absolute beginners who want to build a strong foundation and advanced yogis who wish to further their practise. There’ll be opportunities to ask questions, receive alignment instructions and modifications that suit your body and go more in depth and much deeper than in a group yoga class.

Whether you’re working with an injury or medical condition, stress or anxiety, a pregnant or new mum, elderly or an absolute beginner, this is your time, your space, your lesson.

One to one classes are approximately one hour (€50 per session). All age groups/levels welcome. Special offers are available for two people, small groups or corporate clients. Always consult your GP illness or injury before taking yoga classes.

Due to the social distancing restrictions resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic, private in person classes will be no contact, no hands on adjustments or assists. Bear in mind classes can be taken on Zoom too.


Private 1:1 Class

Joining a new group or class can be daunting. One to one yoga is a great way to begin to help you feel confident and comfortable to join a suitable group or class or to simply work towards your own home practice so a private class is invaluable to any yoga newbie to build a knowledge of safe alignment and learn to listen to your body. For others already participating in group classes one to one yoga may be beneficial to further your own practice or address any limitations which you may have in a safe way.

Private group classes

From family group classes to hen parties we can arrange a yoga class to remember to suit your needs be it introduction to yoga classes, yoga and hiking, yoga and sea swimming or yoga with live music classes we can plan a class to suit your needs in a safe

Yoga for athletes

Yoga has many great benefits for everyone and it’s especially good for athletes. If we’re honest, most athletes don’t spend enough time stretching and end up with locked short and locked long muscles. A tight muscle is a weak muscle and coming from a sports background as well as being a fully qualified personal trainer I can ensure you will get a tailored yoga class and programme to suit the needs of the sports team or individual incorporating not only stretching, self myo-facial release techniques, PNF stretching and mobility exercises are the perfect complement to any activity or sport.

Corporate Yoga Class

Corporate Yoga or breath-work classes can be are a great way to bring everyone together to do something fun as a group, improving workplace morale and increase energy levels while strengthening the body and calming the mind. Yoga programmes and wellness days can be tailored to suit your companies needs.

All classes can be delivered via zoom or in person in the Wexford and Waterford areas.

Please call or email for information and a quote.

We are very happy to answer any enquires you have and to send you more information.

Let’s make something together.

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