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Liam Colfer.

After leaving school, I went straight into working with aircraft. I was always fascinated with how things work mechanically and spent most of my life working on building houses, boats, maintaining lighthouses, eco-building. I was always curious about the mechanics of the body and how the body works and I discovered breath work six years ago and tapped into a whole new world. I’ve put all my 9 to 5 work behind to further my studies in breath coaching. I think everyone should learn how to tap into their body and mind through breath work which can alleviate every day life stresses, grief, trauma, anxiety, boosts your energy and know how to control your body and mind by simply breathing. I have been practising breath coaching for the passed six years studying the ancient techniques of pranayama in yoga as well as the techniques and works of modern master some of whom I have linked their books below. I am a certified yoga breath-work instructor with the International Yoga Alliance and an Advanced Oxygen Advantage breath instructor.

What I Do.

Breath coaching Workshops & one to one both online and in person

Every day breathing techniques

Breathing for dealing with stress and anxiety

Breathing and cold exposure

Upcoming Breath Workshops

Winter solstice breath-work and sea swim
(December 20th 2020)

New Years breath-work and sea swim (January 2nd 2021)

Liams book recommendations…

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