Our first radio interview

So this week I published a facebook page to promote this blog and we are blown away by the reaction to it! We have recieved so many kind comments, travel tips and well wishes from everybody and the blog is already beginning to take off with thousands of views now in its first week. It’s safe to say this is the kind of trip so many people dream of doing and that includes Orla Rapple of Beat Fm radio. She contacted me earlier in the week to arrange a chat in the studio so Liam and I went along this morning. Liam has met Orla a few times and has done interviews with her to promote all the things going on at Hook Lighthouse and it was my first time doing anything like it so I was a little nervous to begin with but Orla was so lovely it was a breeze in the end. She was so complimentary of the blog and admired the honesty of it. She was struck by the Pink Floyd lyrics that are on the homepage “You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today. And then one day you find ten years have got behind you. No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.” This quote gives me the shivers, I always listen to it when we’re making life decisions and it definitely motivates us to work our asses off and put every effort into making things happen. The interview will be aired on Beat fm 102-103 this Sunday at 10am and I will have a link to the podcast to share here.

I wish I could say all of this will be easy but the reality is we still have a lot of work, research and saving to do before we leave Ireland but we’re ticking off our list of things to do every day. Yesterday Buckie got his rabies jab and pet passport, today we got insured on the camper and joined the Motor Caravan Club of Ireland. We’re working flat out on the house getting it ready to rent and preparing the camper for our first trip. We plan on doing a good few trips around Ireland before we leave so it will give us time to really get the hang of the camper. I’m researching travel and health insurance for us all and updating our European health cards and gathering all the other paperwork we might need. We have some work to do on the camper too like changing all the lighting in it to led, source some camping chairs and table, a good portable wireless bluetooth speaker and I’m on the lookout for a bicycle so if anyone has any any tips or info on where to look and places to stay in Ireland we would be delighted to hear from you so please get in touch through our facebook page or email us at livinoffthehook@gmail.com

Busy weeks ahead but we will be sure to make time to get away and chill in the camper for a few days. We’ll be close to home for our first trip as we’re going to park around the corner at Hook Lighthouse for its Shine a Light festival

The Journey Begins

So this week we bought a camper! We’re one huge big step closer to achieving our dream of living a van life travelling the world with our kids and dog. Next on the the list is to get Buckie his dog passport!

We actually bought the very first camper we went to see 🙈 We just couldn’t let it go, it’s perfect. We brought it home yesterday and parked up at our house and we’ve been in it ever since….actually we’re having a dinner party in it later 😄

We intended to spend a few weeks even months looking around and figuring out what would suit us best. Our budget was €15,000 and it was really hard to find one that wasn’t as old as the hills. Then this Fiat Ducato 18 year old 6 berth camper turned up online for €15k and was loved and used by a family just like us who upgraded to a newer model.

We are just delighted with it, we can’t wait to try a few Irish trips in it to figure out the workings of it.