Yoga & Breathwork classes

This Autumn & Winter join us for beach yoga & breathwork classes here on the Hook as well as day retreats, workshops and a range of weekly online classes off the Hook as well.

Life at a yoga retreat center

We never in a million years expected to end up living at a yoga retreat center. Let alone at one of the best retreat centers in the world! Suryalila Retreat Center is located in the province on Andalusia in sunny southern Spain not far from the cities of Seville, Cadiz, Malaga and nestled amongst someContinue reading “Life at a yoga retreat center”

Pros and cons of van life

Living in a van isn’t always easy. It is often portrayed as the ultimate freedom; you can go anywhere, anytime, you can choose to go off the beaten track, off the tourist trails and do and see things you would never see on a regular holiday. Freedom is an interesting concept though. Are we reallyContinue reading “Pros and cons of van life”

Van-life. Choosing where to park, navigation and finding the best spots

Van life top tips

Celtic roots in Brittany

Brittany, or Bretagne, in Northwestern France is our favourite region in France. It has a long stretch of rugged coastline, to the north along the English channel and to the west beside the Celtic Sea and the beaches are the most remote, wild and beautiful we’ve ever seen and this region is renowned for it’s CelticContinue reading “Celtic roots in Brittany”