Fog on the Brain

The funniest thing happened this morning. We’ve been living in our camper van for a few days now & it’s going really well but we are all still getting used to being in a small space together.

After we got the kids to bed last night, Liam & I stayed up late and had a few beers. We didn’t wake up til 8:30 this morning… more fog on Hook Head. Liam had to go straight to work so was rushing around to get ready while the kids snuggled up with me. First of all he stubbed his toe on his way into the toilet which started bleeding all over his foot & then realised the toilet cartridge was full so he had to go outside to change it. On his way out the door he slipped on the steel steps slippy from the frickin fog & fell on his ass in Buckies (the dog) water bowl. The kids and I could not stop laughing….actually I was in tears. Ellen shouted down to him “are you okay Daddy?” & no words he gave her the thumbs up from flat on his back.

It didn’t stop there, he got up, brushed the mud and grass off himself and went around to the other side of the camper to pull out the full toilet cartridge which was overflowing. He pulled it out, left it on the ground, opened the garage storage door and when he went to pick up the cartridge the door collapsed on his head.

Not a good start to his day…he’s laughing about it now though and here we are still figuring it out, a few more lessons learned today even with the foggy brain.

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