Our first camping trip

It’s Sunday of the May bank holiday weekend & the whole of Ireland seems to be basking in sunshine except Hook head where the fog is refusing to lift. This is one of the busiest weekends of the year at Hook lighthouse where the Shine a Light festival takes place. Liam is working for that so we decided to bring the camper up and stay over for the weekend and get used to our new home. We’ve been cooking, cleaning, eating, sleeping, living in it and figuring it out. This morning we listened to our radio interview with Orla Rapple on the Beat FM Sunday Grill show….I was bricking it as I literally couldn’t remember what we said to her but actually it wasn’t too bad at all, for our first interview. Link to the podcast here.

Although we live on the Hook and spend a lot of time at the lighthouse it’s a totally different vibe up here in the evenings and it’s lovely. I’m with the kids all day chilling, playing at the festival & welcoming lots of visitors coming to check out the camper and wishing us luck on our journey. We’ve spent our evenings exploring the rocks and chatting to all the other campers around us. The van life community is wonderful, so helpful and friendly.

We realise there is still a lot to figure out but we’re getting there…the camper is working out great, it’s so cozy and easy to cook and clean in. The kids are really happy and don’t want to go home yet so that’s a good start. Actually they would be happy to start our trip now! Only thing Liam & I are missing is a good coffee maker.

So we’ll stay at the lighthouse for another night or two & research our next trip which will be to Athlone next weekend to explore the area and we’ve tickets for the “How to square a circle” show with Ronan & Aisling which we are so excited to see. We’ll be a bit further from home so must remember all the little bits we forgot on this trip…too many to mention 🙈 ….we’re getting there. It’s a good thing we’ll be doing lots of Irish trips so we can do all the forgetting things on those trips. I reckon we may just move into the camper very soon…just need to finish a few things in the house and get it rented. Hard work ahead over the next few weeks so for now we’ll enjoy the rest of our down time here in the camper on the Hook.

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