The Journey Begins

So this week we bought a camper! We’re one huge big step closer to achieving our dream of living a van life travelling the world with our kids and dog. Next on the the list is to get Buckie his dog passport!

We actually bought the very first camper we went to see 🙈 We just couldn’t let it go, it’s perfect. We brought it home yesterday and parked up at our house and we’ve been in it ever since….actually we’re having a dinner party in it later 😄

We intended to spend a few weeks even months looking around and figuring out what would suit us best. Our budget was €15,000 and it was really hard to find one that wasn’t as old as the hills. Then this Fiat Ducato 18 year old 6 berth camper turned up online for €15k and was loved and used by a family just like us who upgraded to a newer model.

We are just delighted with it, we can’t wait to try a few Irish trips in it to figure out the workings of it.

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Niamh & Liam Colfer currently livin' on the Hook peninsula in County Wexford offering yoga and breath-work classes, personal training and hike the Hook walking tours. All about healthy balanced lifestyle, home schooling, travel, outdoor life, sea swims and on the Hook / off the Hook adventures.

7 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Good for you, Liam! I wish you all the best on your venture, and your adventures! Will be following you on your blog, so looking forward to that.

  2. That was always our dream Niamh to buy a camper van and travel Ireland then perhaps travel further afield …….but at age 77 now we alas never realised, our dream a lost opportunity.
    Tide and time waits for no man they say .So do not squander time for such is the stuff life is made of .
    Good luckNiamh & Liam you lovely people, live the dream.

    1. You are too kind and beautiful Eileen xxx We will be visiting lots of lighthouses along the way and we’ll be thinking of you & Ray. Lots of love

  3. Best of luck with the camper and your adventures Liam, Niamh and family. Sorry I didn’t get to meet all of you but Dave filled me in! We’ll be following your journey with great interest (and envy!)
    Annette Gormley
    (previous owner of your camper!)

    1. Thanks so much Annette, we’re over the moon with it 😁 I’m sure we’ll meet along the road somewhere and we’ll exchange a big camper wave or meet up for a glass of wine. Make sure you guys get a trip to the Hook in soon & get in touch 🌟

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