Private Classes

Private yoga classes, personal training clinics and breathwork coaching online or in person.

These classes can be taken from anywhere in the world online via zoom or skype or they can be taken in person locally on the Hook in an outdoor location as long as we stay within the travel limits set out by the Irish governments roadmap to reopening society and business. Once the government roadmap advice allows gyms to reopen, these classes can take place at my gym / yoga studio on the Hook or in your own home, office or any public place while respecting and staying within the up to date Covid-19 restrictions and boundaries.

Liam is a fully qualified and certified breath coach and Niamh is a certified personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach and fully qualified yoga teacher certified and insured with Yoga Alliance Professionals.


Yoga classes online at home, learn to breathe, move your body & feel good. A private yoga class caters specifically to your individual needs. I teach lots of styles of yoga including yoga breathing practises, beginners yoga, intermediate and advanced, hatha, vinyasa flow, yin, restorative, kundalini and I love to combine the different styles into yoga fusions. All poses and modifications will cater specifically to your body so you learn to integrate yoga into your life and have the tools and confidence to practise on your own. Whether you’re a complete beginner, are working around an injury or physical limitation or you’re looking to improve your current practise then join me for some 1:1 classes

Yoga Details

All you need for the online option is a yoga mat. Yoga props such as a strap, blocks and bolster can be great too but not essential as you can use similar items from home like a blanket, cushions, books for blocks, scarf or tie for a strap. Classes for now are held online or locally in an outdoor setting where there is no contact and social distancing can be maintained.

Personal Training

Personal training sessions are tailored to your needs and goals with a focus on mobility, strength and exercises to support you, your body and lead you to become more motivated and confident in developing your own exercise regime. These sessions are ideal for anyone looking to get stronger not just physically but mentally. I will guide you towards becoming more self sufficient in your training. Whether you have physical limitations, are working around an injury, you’re a complete beginner, don’t know where to start or even if you’re already familiar with exercise, I can help you fit an effective, efficient and flexible training and exercise plan into your schedule so that you can train at home.

Personal Training Details

Classes take place online or in an outdoor setting where there will be no contact and social distancing can be maintained. No equipment is necessary but if you already have resistance bands, weights or other exercise equipment you can bring them along and I will show you how to use them in multiple ways in a safe and controlled way.

In person classes. €50 per hour. €220 for 5 classes. €350 for 10 classes.

Online classes. €30 per hour. €130 for 5 classes. €220 for 10 classes.

Recent testimonials

“It’s been a joy to follow your classes since April and to have the benefit of your expert teaching.” Sharon

“Have loved every one of your classes. You have made some challenging poses (nearly) achievable with your wonderful teaching style.” Tracey

“Niamh’s classes and workshops are always challenging but we’ve always been encouraged to go forward, learning new moves, with safety x.” Sharon

“Thank you Niamh for a very special class.” Caroline

“Such a great teacher, you explain everything so well, thank you!.” Jo


“Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Fall in love with the path of deep healing. Fall in love with becoming the best version of yourself, but with patience, compassion and respect for your own journey.” S.Mcnutt

“Do not grow old. No matter how long you live. Never cease to stand like curious children before the great mystery into which we were born.” Albert Einstein