Livin’ off the Hook


Join us for movement and breathwork classes, workshops & retreats held on the Hook Peninsula in South East Ireland and at Suryalila Retreat Center in South West Spain

On the Hook Classes, Workshop & Retreats

Classes resume in Wexford in Summer 2024

Off the Hook Spain Retreats

Join us at one of our favorite places in the world; Suryalila Retreat Center in sunny Andalusia for warming Winter fun and magic.

November Retreat – Dome Sweet Dome

November 4th – 11th, 2023

February 24th – 2nd March, 2024

Beach Yoga and Hiking Retreats on the Hook

Soak up the magic of the Hook Peninsula on one of our yoga and hiking retreats running through Summer.


Liam & Niamh and their two children Ellen & Alex have just come back to Ireland after over two years of Livin’ off the Hook as they travelled full time around Europe in their campervan.

Now that we are back Livin’ on the Hook we are updating our blog which you can check out here to read about our adventures, the highs and lows, the places we’ve seen, the break in’s and break downs we’ve encountered over the passed few years.

Livin’ off the Hook

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